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The professional tool to
create names

Some tips to help you to have a best result using our application

Some rules to create a name (a good one !)

TIP 1 :
A good name is a short name. it will be more readable, it will be more memorable, it will have more impact. To express your idea, choose 3 to five letters (for exemple GARD will give better results rather than GARDEN)

TIP 2 : Sometime a letter can change everything. From the result generated by the software, you can work to improve the results (for exemple OZGARDEN is bad, but OZARDEN can be a nice name for a brand or a product).

TIP 3 : To create a name is not an easy task. It will be maybe very important for you and your future. So we recommend you to test with your friends and colleagues, the solution you have chosen.

Lite Version : (5 semantic categories)
Pro Version : (25 semantic categories, covering the most used in business and leisures) and an export function.


About names property

TIP 1 :
If your name is the subject of a commercial or artistic exploitation, you must make sure it is not used by others for the same use.

TIP 2 : Millions names are already registered. Always remember to check with the relevant authorities the legal availability of name created.

TIP 3 : Internet domain name deposit does not protect you legally !

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