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About The Brand Generator

About Oulipo

To create the software, the author was freely inspired by the research of the Oulipo (Ouvroir of Potential Literature), a French avant-garde literary movement emerged in the 1960s , whose R. Queneau was one of the dads (with G.Perec, I.Calvino, M.Duchamp...).

This literary movement is to combine mathematics, literature and formal constraints to produce new forms of texts. (in English) (in French)

Lite Version : (5 semantic categories)
Pro Version : (25 semantic categories, covering the most used in business and leisures) and an export function.


About the autor

The author is a french marketing and design specialist working on massmarket and retail subjects since more 20 years. He developed the first BrandGenerator when he was a young student (with an Atari !!!), and used and improved it all those last 20 years.

The author is specialized in design management and development for brands, products and retail subjects.

He uses to work for worlwide corporation (European, US, Chinese...), and also for smaller sized businesses.

You can ask him for more details, or a help at :

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