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The professional tool to
create names
Simply to use, it allows you, from your idea, your project, to create a proper name with the meaning and the connotation adapted to your use.

Create a name in only 30 seconds !

STEP 1 :
type the name which is the key of your idea (short name or part of a name are better to have imacting results)

STEP 2 : choose the positioning of your idea, what your idea has to express, which kind of feeling you want to produce with the name.

STEP 3 : Generate names

STEP 4 : Choose the appropriate name, delete, send it by email ....

See Tips to create a meaningful and powerful name for your activity.

Lite Version : (5 semantic categories)
Pro Version : (25 semantic categories, covering the most used in business and leisures) and an export function.


Example :

You are hing a product or a business linked with a "Garden" idea close to or distant from "Garden", but it is your fundamental basis.
From "Garden", you the choose to refine the positioning following your objectives :

  • Does your name represent an environnementally friendly product? Then choose GREEN, and the software will create names that have a "smell" of ecology.

  • Is your name for a beauty product or service (from garden plants, or to give a hand-made feeling), then choose HEALTH CARE and the software will generate a name that will think of a beauty product.

  • You can also select STATUS, if it's linked to corporate or BEST PRICE if you want to give an idea of good value for money, GERMAN, if you want to give it an idea of German origin for quality products ... etc.

There are 25 semantic categories in Pro Version, covering the most used by professional brand agencies.

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