Sit-Net SA
  15, rue Pierre Frieden
  Soleuvre / Luxembourg

  Stéphane Bertoux
  Paris / France
The professional tool to
create names
Designed and developed by a recognized marketing professional, this software is a true professional branding tool to create names.

It's the same software as those used by the specialized companies to create brand names.  Enjoy !

The Brand Generator helps you in choosing meaningful and impressive names that produce feeling :

A name must tell what we want to express, instantly !

Simple to use, it does not require special knowledges in semantic :

this work is done by the application !

On the other side, it is a tool, and like any tool, you have to know for what it will be useful : who (or what) will "wear" the name, what will the name use, who is the target?

See Tips to create a meaningful and powerful name for your activity.

Lite Version : (5 semantic categories)
Pro Version : (25 semantic categories, covering the most used in business and leisures) and an export function.


This software is for everyone :

  • professionals,
  • students,
  • individuals ...

 . .. seeking an unique and expressive name for :

  • a company,
  • a brand,
  • a serie,
  • a product,
  • a club,
  • a group,
  • an association,
  • a band,
  • an event,
  • a movie,
  • a show,
  • a project,
  • a pet,
  • a planet ;-) ...

             or simply for fun !

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